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Chiropractic means done by hand, it focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of biomechanical dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal system and evaluates how that affects the nervous system. Treatments will combine the more traditional use of hands-on-care to provide manual adjustments on the spine (as well as other joints: hip, knee, shoulder, ankle etc) as well as assisted adjustments using Chiropractic tools to restore normal function and optimise general health.

Aligned Wellness Chiropractic aims to deliver the best possible tailored clinical care for every patient. Our process is thorough, patient centered and customised to the individual that walks through our door. Our chiropractic services are ideal for everyone from newborns, infants and children through to pregnant women, teenagers, athletes, modern day working people, corporates and the elderly.

We are all different  

And treatment should reflect that 

We utilise a mixture of treatment modalities considering an array of specific factors including but not limited too: the presentation of the patient, what will work best for the person that has walked in and most importantly patient preference. We offer dry needling at Aligned Wellness Chiropractic for those who wish to supplement it with their chiropractic adjustment or would like a devoted dry needling session. 


Dr Michael Ratajewski grew up in the western suburbs and is proud to be providing chiropractic care to families and individuals in the surrounding suburbs of Findon, Woodville, Fulham, St Clair, Seaton, Grange, Croydon, Albert Park and Beverley with patients around Adelaide choosing to travel across town to see us here at Aligned Wellness Chiropractic.

A few things we see...

- Neck pain - Shoulder and upper limb pain - Headaches - 

- Midback pain - Lowback pain - hip and pelvis and lower limb pain - 

tightness soreness and aches - muscle and join soreness - postural dysfunction -

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